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Emotional Support Pickle or Potato

Emotional Support Pickle or Potato

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Christmas Pickle Knitting Doll Positive Card Knitted Potato Toy Creative Potato Dolls Inspirational Crochet Dolls Cheer Up Gifts

1. Positive Energy Potato Doll: This cute handwoven ornament sits on your desk and gives you motivation. The little potato doll comes with an encouraging message card that will bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. With heartwarming messages, our dolls are there to uplift you whenever you feel down or upset. The positive and upbeat potato doll will always be there as your companion.
2. Handcrafted Knitted Doll: The handmade crochet potato is made with knitted fabric and meticulously sewn by hand, resulting in a round and plump appearance. It is soft, comfortable, and has a delicate touch, offering excellent elasticity without deforming under pressure. It makes for a gift that expresses encouragement and support. The adorable knitted doll is fun and features inspiring words on the accompanying card, making it suitable as a keepsake or gift for special occasions.
3. Fun and Thoughtful Gift: This may be a small gift, but it signifies your immense care for someone and your desire to give them a hug whenever possible. It can be given as a Christmas gift, representing a perfect creative gift idea. You can present it to your family, children, friends, and more, knowing they will love it and feel surprised, making them an intimate friend. This Christmas pickle knitting doll provides a stress-free and incredibly fun time, helping you deal with anxiety. It's definitely worth having if you need some comfort.
4. Encouragement and Support: The funny pickled cucumber offers a thoughtful way to show encouragement and support to those who need it. Its presence serves as a reminder that someone cares and is rooting for their well-being. The accompanying message card adds an extra element of inspiration, providing uplifting words during challenging times.
5. Unique and Memorable: The mini positive potatoes doll stands out as a unique and memorable gift. Its handmade quality and the heartfelt messages make it a special item that brings joy and comfort. Whether it's displayed as a decoration or held close for comfort, this doll creates a connection and spreads positivity.

Material: Woolen
Cucumber: about 11cm/4.33inch
Potato: 7cm/2.76inch


1 x Christmas Pickle Knitting Doll 

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